Alongside a portfolio of established corporate clients, Triteq work with several start-ups and spin-outs to help them bring their innovations to the market place. Understandably with so many challenges facing new companies, sustainability can be seen as yet another task and although there is an authentic willingness to act many companies lack a cohesive view of what sustainability is and how to approach it.

Getting the core elements of sustainability in place at the beginning of the design process is vital to successful product development. To help our clients on this part of their journey, we provide a sustainability consultancy service to create maximum value. We help analyse your initiatives, explore your target market and review opportunities for sustainable growth. Our first step is to evaluate the key objectives from communications to manufacture and design to distribution. What are the most important considerations for your target audience and your stakeholders? Sustainability provides inspiration for innovative product development and we work collaboratively to explore every opportunity.

In a recent BCG survey, almost 70% of companies expected their organisation to step-up investment in sustainability in the following year. The survey showed the enthusiasm for sustainability is growing across all industries, particularly in commodities, chemicals, consumer products, retailing and industrial goods and machinery. Major corporations are increasingly addressing sustainability, viewing it as a fundamental part of their business strategy.

"Unilever views sustainability as a key business growth lever, treated at the same level as marketing, HR or supply chain management. In short, it's a new way of doing business.'
                                         Santiago Gowland, Vice President of Brand and Global Corporate Responsibility, Unilever*

According to a recent report featured on Edie sustainability remains very firmly on the business agenda....."Almost seven in ten businesses (69%) consider sustainability to be a priority business driver for success in 2012. What's more, 40% of those see it as a high priority, i.e. at the core of their business strategy".

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