A new tool has been developed to help designers select the most sustainable material at the front end of the design process.

Eco Materials Adviser is described as an interactive tool which enables users to access an authoritative source of materials property data and assign the data to the inventor model helping to optimize eco-impact, cost and performance for your product.

You can check the tool out on the GRANTA site.

Designing products that are built to last, sits in complete conflict with Planned Obsolescence which relates to designing a product that will "break down" after a period of time.

This is also relevant to the software industry, when support is dropped for older versions of software so that the end user is coerced into an expensive upgrade?

At Triteq we work with our clients to offer practical, helpful advice on sustainable product development and design.

We find out exactly where you are on your sustainability journey and work with you to ensure we give you the support and advice you need to bring your product to market.

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