Satellite monitoring has revolutionised the way we track and record information across all industry sectors and countries, from bustling cities to remote parts of the rain forests. But what are the implications for organisations around the world?

In an ongoing court case in America, Gibson Guitars were accused of using illegally harvested hardwood, which prompted alarmed company executives to explore ecologically responsible alternatives. Through the use of monitoring technology, which enables companies to track the origins of their materials and demonstrate that they are not complicit in illegal sourcing, this situation could have been avoided. By using bar codes and implanting tiny radio frequency identification (RFID) chips in the bark of valuable hardwoods ,timber can be traced from the forest to the customer, which generates an electronic chain of custody.

Triteq have extensive experience in the development of satellite monitoring and have worked with several companies to utilise the latest technology advancements to produce sophisticated and highly efficient products. Much of our work in this area, is highly confidential but we can discuss our capabilities, experience and achievements and how our skills can benefit your project development.

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