The pace continues to accelerate at Triteq and there is certainly no sign of a wind down as we approach the end of the year with six new employees joining the company across different departments in November.

Michael James & Sharon Gardiner have both joined the Production Team, Richard Aspey is now part of the ever expanding hardware team and Phil Harris has joined Joseph O'Connor in the Industrial Design Team.

Philip Taylor has been working with Triteq as a freelance consultant since August this year and has been invited to join the company in a full time role as Sales Director working with Ken Hall to develop opportunities in new industry sectors. As part of that role, he will be travelling to the Medica Exhibition in Dusseldorf in November.

I am delighted to add that I will also be joining Triteq full time as Head of Marketing & Sustainability to enhance activities in these areas and to offer support and guidance for our clients in sustainable product design and development.