In the July issue of theengineer magazine, a report raised a rather controversial issue - "Engineers are not good communicators according to popular opinion in the business community. They often lack the ability to express their ideas, express passion about their projects and market their research to the right people. If this is the case then it's no wonder that the country is having a tough time in providing a long term strategy in areas such as transport, health care and energy".

The magazine article went on to quote Doug King, visiting Professor of Building Engineering at Bath University. " We don't teach communication nearly as well as we should . engineers need to learn to sell themselves and sell their benefits". He added "its taken me 25 years to get to the point where I can do that, so it's not an easy task"

So over to you.. what is your experience , do you work in engineering or with enginers, tell us your story?

Triteq endeavours to employ the best hardware and software engineers, but there is always an element in the recruitment process on how the applicant will work in our company culture and how we communicate with our clients for the most positive outcomes.

Communication is vital to the success of a project and our focus is on putting together the right team of engineers and Project Managers.

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