Today, it is more important then ever to manage the energy we use - but as businesses are we making the right decisions that will allow industry to flourish in the future? Could it be that the current government energy policy could be restricting development? While the consumer may be doing their bit in buying low-energy light bulbs, how many people are aware that the power supplies in our homes are inefficient?

What would happen for example, if companies where encouraged to include the lifetime cost of ownership in sourcing original equipment rather than just the initial price? If supply chains built this in, then the overall effect would surely be far greater. Triteq have the skills in place to work with companies on long term plans.

This is a key strategy in Triteq's performance - we work with all our clients with a long term view - how can our knowledge and capabilities fulfil the brief and have a long term positive impact on the future of the clients business?We work with entrepreneurs, start ups and large multi nationals - we have an enviable repuitation and an incredible passion for our work.