Businesses are facing more challenges on a daily basis today than ever. So how keen are they to add another issue to the already overflowing agenda? Well it would appear that when that issue is sustainable development, they are very keen. In fact many experts believe that successful companies today are those that are well informed and realise that sustainability needs to be absorbed throughout the organisation.

This new attitude has created many new roles at senior levels. Steve Howard, is the recently appointed Chief Sustainability Officer for IKEA and he described his appointment in a recent press interview as "an explicit recognition that our future success will be influenced by how we deal with sustainability issues".

When I began working at Triteq one of my responsibilities was to develop a sustainability strategy for the company. The most positive result was discovering that Triteq has always operated in a very aware and committed way and this is largely due to its stringent commitment to excellent project management and quality systems.

Over the next few months, I will be reporting on new measures and actions at Triteq, focused on the triple bottom line - people, planet, profit.

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