As part of their ongoing committment to Sustainable Development Triteq Directors Jackie Berry & Steve Lane were delighted to announce news of their latest arrival this week.

The car was selected for performance and on it's environmental criteria- and so far seems to tick all the boxes!

Increasingly concerned about employees having to use their own vehicles for client visits, exhibitions or conferences - the Directors decided that it would be really helpful if everyone could have shared access to a team car. Unfortunately because of insurance requirements, this had to be restricted to everyone of 25+ .

It has been my responsbility to create a new employee welcome pack and to look at how Triteq can create an even better working environment for our team. The new Focus is definately a bonus and we've had a great reaction so far. If you are highly motivated, with a strong interest in product development check out our vaccancies or send in your CV - we are always looking for positve and talented people.