With increasing demands on performance, when companies recruit new employees they want them to arrive and hit the ground running, it is difficult to justify a long term induction policy when existing employees are immersed in projects and tight schedules. Triteq are no exception, as a company they are hardworking with an extremely loyal team, which has been a major contributory factor to their growth in a challenging economic climate.

One of the key advantages for new comers to Triteq is the welcoming, open door policy and the friendly, engaging atmosphere which ensures that those first few weeks are busy but enjoyable.

When I met with Allan Caple on Tuesday, it was clear as he showed me what he was working on that he was already completely involved and committed to the task and that was after just two weeks!

Allan joined Triteq at the beginning of May to work with Joseph O'Connor, who heads up the Industrial Design Team. Allan is an experienced designer and began his career with a Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship which gave him the hands on experience he needed to understand what has to be communicated through design to illustrate the full depth and scope of industrial products, as they move through the design, development and production processes in the company.

One of Allan's core skills is to take products and present them so that there is an immediate visual appeal showing functionality and highlighting the pros and cons of different aspects of the design. All of this combines to give the customer a comprehensive view of the design options and reasons behind them, from every angle. This enables the customer to see the design of the product from different aspects and it helps to convey the thought behind the design, why it does what it does, the outline dimension and the different ways of achieving the overall objective.

Design and innovation are viewed as vital to economic success and design skills can make an incredible difference to the perception of a product. This was a key point which emerged from the Cox Review, which researched and reported to the Treasury on to how best to enhance the role of creativity in raising the productivity performance of SMEs in the UK.

"In what is becoming a highly competitive world, commercial or economic success- whether for individual businesses or the nation - is going to be increasingly dependent on creativity and innovation. This applies to both products and services and to every sector imaginable" The Cox Review, The Design Council.

Triteq have an excellent reputation as one of the UK's top electronic product designers and this is underpinned by the investment they make in people skills, to ensure that every stage from design to production is supported by highly knowledgeable, experienced teams who are all committed to achieving excellent results.

Talk to us today, we are always happy to help and really enjoy discussing new ideas - it's at the core of our business!