This week I will be at the Sustainabilitylive! exhibition in Birmingham checking out the latest ideas and listening to some of the key speakers, including Ian Heasman from Taylor Wimpey and Dr. Stephen Bass from DEFRA.

This is an excellent exhibition and with an ever increasing search for expert developmetn of products that fulfill sustainable criteria it is an excellent source of information for Triteq.

There are over 350 exhibitors this year, a clear indication that more and more organisations are placing sustainability high on their corporate agenda, and focusing on investment in new technology and trained personnel.

That was also the implication behind the news that the 2011 Environment and Energy Awards has attracted a record number of entries.

It's clearly not an isolated finding, either; the results of a global survey by MIT Sloan Management Review, which were published this week, found that two-thirds of companies across the world plan to increase their commitment to sustainability this year.

So if you want to find out more, this just maybe a good place to start!