At the Triteq Company meeting on Wednesday 16th February, I gave a presentation and announced the new Triteq Annual Achievement Award. This is open to all employees,in all departments - design, production and business management.

Innovation Plan Success StrategyThe winner of the 2011 Award will be announced at the first Triteq Company meeting in 2012 and there is a prize of a luxury weekend for two in London. Thanks to Jackie Berry and Steve Lane for supporting this new idea to support their team.

The award is a way of recognising the Triteq team and their achievements in and outside the workplace . So if you're running a marathon, having your articles published in trade magazines or developing an electric vehicle, let me know. These are just some of the things that are already happening at Triteq!

I will include regular updates here on the blog and will of course always respect your privacy.

Ideas, achievements and contributions - Are all welcome!!

I look forward to hearing from you. if you need any more informaiton please get in touch.