The chairman of flooring company Interface, Ray Anderson died last year but will always be remembered for his environmental vision in the design and development of commercial floor coverings.

His plans for his company, involved redesigning processes and products, pioneering new technologies and increasing the use of renewable materials and sources of energy. His company is now the world's largest producer of modular commercial floor coverings.

"if we're successful, we'll spend the rest of our days harvesting yester-year's carpets and other petrochemically derived products and recycling them into new materials, converting sunlight into energy, with zero scrap going to the landfill and zero emissions into the ecosystem. "

When Ray Anderson made this statement, sustainability was an unknown to many of today's organisations , highlighting his entrepreneurial and visionary spirit.

Today Triteq works with an extensive portfolio of companies to help them achieve sustainable product development. Our innovative solutions help reduce costs and achieve impact in the marketplace.