Romesh Vaitilingham author of Research for our Future, stated very firmly last month that "Virtually all evidence indicates that the new knowledge and innovative ideas generated by research - whether it is in the public or private sector - are key drivers of productivity growth.

He was responding to several key questions raised in a report from the Research Council UK, the questions focused on the value of public investment in the science base and included:

  • Is it really necessary for Britain to sustain the current level of public investment in science?
  • Can British businesses and the British economy "free-ride" on research done elsewhere?
  • What contribution does scientific research make to innovation?

David Willetts, Universities and science minister said

"We need enough good science so that we have the capacity to tackle a new problem, to react effectively to scientific breakthroughs however of wherever they may arise and to capitalise on thsoe breakthroughs via research programmes and business initaitves of our own."

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