Triteq have an excellent understanding and committment to the need for lower energy consumption and increased use of recycled materials in product design and development and they are now extending their comittment to include measurable targets across all areas of their business. A new strategy is currently under development and will be announced in the New Year.

Oil spillThe new area to be included on the Triteq website will be found under the heading Sustainability and will focus on three key areas: Strategy, People, Commitment.

Although there are still sceptics out there, whether or not you believe in climate change, the fact that natural resources are not ever lasting is undisputable. This makes a clear case for organisations to look at their own needs and responsibilites and assess how they can work towards a more sustainable future. We are supporting a growing population on an finite planet and so must be smarter and more efficient than ever. This challenge has produced a changed climate for the development of new technologies: innovations that can reduce environmental impact and change the way we live.