Scientific ideas and innovations are vital for Britain's development and future success, but to ensure that ingenuity in science and technology flourishes, it is essential to have the right partner on board throughout the process.

Whilst Britain has an enviable track record in medical, industrial and electronic design and development, other countries are chasing at our heels. In our current climate as cuts in education and increased student fees loom on the not too distant horizon, up and coming innovators will increasingly rely on support from professional and experienced organisations to ensure that their ideas succeed effectively and efficiently from concept to production.

Triteq have an excellent record in product development, research and post design engineering and a clear focus on achieving customers expectations from complete turnkey design projects for new product development to creative re-engineering of existing designs.

" There could be no clearer sign of just how much the UK punches above its international weight in a very competitive scientific world."

Professor Peter Main Director of Education and Science at the Institute of Physics response to the news that British Scientist Robert Edwards, responsible for pioneering work in IVF, had been awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine.