When Roger Warren, one of our designers chatted to us all about his role as President of the British Human Powered Flight Club and the support his group of Gossamer Aviators needed to maintain and fly their aircraft, we decided to offer our support and sponsor the team for 2016.  The team includes engineers, pilots, athletes, model aircraft enthusiasts, light aviation and glider associates and welcomes new members that can support in any way possible.

Triteq purchased camera equipment to enable Team Airglow to gather invaluable aircraft performance and behaviour data that will help them develop the aircraft design for future improvements. The communications gear increases the operational efficiency and safety for all team members, especially the pilot, who can now be coached by a ground-based flight controller.

We will be supporting Team Airglow throughout 2016 and are already looking forward to seeing what they can achieve, as soon as weather conditions permit! At the next test flying session, they intend to try out an alternative propeller design, which when tested recently with the aircraft static on the ground has shown twice the static thrust given by the original prop type with the same power input. As designers, engineers and manufacturers we are really interested in knowing what this new design does in flight and are looking forward to the images.