Developing a new idea through each stage from concept to market is weighted with challenges. Our electronic engineering teams, software developers and designers, share the same space, working under one roof,  collaborating on ideas and technology questions. We appreciate that every start up is different but we can help all our customers benefit from the experience and knowledge we have gained in dealing with such an extensive range of products.

We have learnt that even when everything is in place: innovation, technology, funding, market opportunities, it does not guarantee success. Our job is to look at your project from every angle  - and give you the information you need to commercialise your concept. We highlight the risks  and ask the questions that just maybe you haven’t considered yet?

Want to know how we do it… at the start of each year we offer three complimentary consultancy slots at Triteq to start-ups or existing companies who are facing a challenge and need support. Simply tell us how we can help, at the end of January we will report back with the results.

Please send the details of your enquiry through to