The Challenge

Our product design experience means we have faced an extensive range of challenges and although each project  is a complex combination of different technologies teams and time frames, fundamentally knowing where to start to solve a problem and knowing the  right questions to ask makes all the difference to the outcome.

Our recent Calling All Start-Up Competition produced some excellent entries and we are now looking forward to welcoming the winners to Triteq on Thursday 15th October. 

We’ve designed the day kicking off with breakfast, naturally,  to give the winners the opportunity to meet with our teams and discuss their challenges and opportunities, then it’s over to us to address the issues and look at the best solutions.

The Winners

MuJo has a range of patented Class I medical devices to improve the compliance of complex rehabilitation exercises for commonly injured and problematic areas of the body.
The business was set up by a UK engineering graduate to address a £10 billion per year problem in the UK for treating musculoskeletal disorders, having invented a mechanism to target complex joints including spine, hips and shoulders over their full range of motion. As finalist in the IET Innovation Awards, British Engineering Excellence Awards and Sports Technology Awards, the company already exports its products in Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands) and Asia (China, Korea).



Hoxton Analytics has the only solution that meets the needs of both retailers and their customers. With their cutting-edge technology, they can accurately count footfall and tell the most relevant customer demographics (such as gender and fashion segment) just from the shoes people choose to wear. The product is a small unit that houses a camera and a processor. It is installed low in a doorway or corridor to gather images of people’s footwear as they walk past. From these images and using multiple layers of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it automatically counts people (at over 90% accuracy) and,    
what’s more, intelligently categorises people’s demographics based on the shoes they choose to wear.

If you would like to talk to us about your design challenge, manufacturing needs or any other development issues – call us, we have a great coffee machine and we like meeting new people or send us an email at