If you can inspire an audience on a cold, wet Friday evening at 5pm after a very long week, then you can probably inspire anyone and Torsten Reil did just that on Friday. 

Torsten is the CEO & Founder of Isis Innovation spin out Natural Motion, a leading games and technology company based in Oxford. Speaking in the Nelson Mandela Lecture Theatre at Said Business School Torsten explained how the company began, the philosophy behind it and how he developed his business model. 

Torsten's core strategy of " be proud of what you're creating"  goes a long way in explaining why this innovative and totally likable man has achieved such an outstanding level of success. A man of few slides, (more reasons to celebrate) Torsten emphasized his core beliefs in building a company. 

  • Keep teams small
  • Be smart about asset use
  • Swiftly kill unpromising projects
  • Create culture of constant learning
  • Don’t skimp on the coffee machine

The company began in the Zoology Department at the University of Oxford in 2001 and last week was awarded Exit of the Year 2014 by Global University Venturing after it was acquired by Zynga for $527m.