Where are the new Tech Clusters?Technology is recognised as one of the most important industries for future growth. So where are the top employment tech clusters in the UK? In a recent report commissioned by KPMG and produced with Markit results showed that 21 out of 33 local authorities in London had a higher proportion of technology jobs than the national average while Cambridge had created more billion dollar technology companies than any other city in Europe.

Results also highlighted that the top 10 tech clusters are all close to major transport links in the South east. In 2012 George Osborne expressed a need to make the UK the “technology centre of Europe” and create “ new prosperity in every corner of our country” yet the report highlights that “there is currently a major gap between government aspirations and the reality of the UK Technology sector”. Although the UK tech sector output growth is the fastest since May 2010 it is clear that the growth of tech clusters is not evenly distributed.

Our Innovation Centre in Berkshire and Marketing office in Oxford are ideally located for network links and support our policy of continual investment to attract and retain the best talent for the sustainable growth of our business. This is a competitive environment but because we create challenging opportunities and have such an exciting portfolio of clients, we are in an excellent position to attract and retain top talent.

Addressing this issue is vital for future growth. Triteq are always interested in talking to talented people. If you would like to discuss career opportunities in design, electronic engineering or manufacturing please contact us today.

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KPMG commissioned Markit Economics: http://bit.ly/1uWsHfm