Ten Excellent Solutions

We believe our business model is unique. A tight-knit collaborative environment, with top teams of talented people, covering every aspect of design to manufacture and every stage in-between. So how can you benefit? 

Our areas of expertise span design services, feasibility, regulatory, electronic engineering, software design all of which are supported by a Manufacturing Team, who excel at fast turn-around, bespoke manufacturing and prototype development.

We are offering Ten–Two hour consultancy opportunities with our specialist team at Triteq, on an entirely complimentary basis. Simply email your challenge to us, we will select ten and then arrange for each of the companies who have been successful in securing a slot to come in and meet us.

Do any of these problems sound familiar…..?

Need to build a prototype without a full set of drawings? 

We are used to working with clients where only the key part of a design is available but need something built quickly


Not sure where to get all the parts needed?  

We procure all of the parts needed, rationalising the cost of outsourcing and making sure everything comes together at the right time.

Wondering how to make all those parts fit together? 

Our practical skills means we can bring everything together, working from only the concept of how parts should fit.

What is needed to connect everything together? 

We create the details of electrical and mechanical connections alongside a record of the assembly methods.


How can I get this done faster?   

One of our skills, which comes from experience is getting things moving and achieving a fast turn-around for all types of assembly work.

 I need some more, quickly? 

After the first prototype, getting more built quickly can often be a challenge while documentation is produced.  We record every step of the prototype build so we can duplicate the process once you know what you want.


Need a higher volume quickly?

We are used to building larger volumes as well, and can provide a solution if you need product quickly




I need to change this to make it work?  

Very often a prototype or first build will need some adjustment – our team will work with you to suggest the optimum fix.

How do I get this tested?   

Our team can work with you to suggest suitable ways to test your product efficiently.