Anna White, Enterprise correspondent, for The Daily Telegraph,  highlighted in a recent article how entrepreneurs are developing new products to benefit NHS patients. She described how Triteq client, Quantum Imaging,  a University of Leeds spin out has secured investment to develop its medical imaging technology and that once finalised this innovative technology could  “revolutionise healthcare, relieve overcrowded A& E Departments and save lives”

The core technology allows a non-invasive test to accurately detect and display minute magnetic signals that are present in both healthy and diseased organs. Steve Parker, CEO of Quantum Imaging, said: “The simplicity of this test and the ease and speed with which it can be deployed means that for the first time it can be used in an acute environment. It can very quickly detect potential life threatening conditions, such as heart attacks, better triage patients and better utilise scarce hospital resources. This is a very exciting technological advance.”

Triteq have a proven track record of developing medical devices and are delighted to be working with the team at Quantum Imaging.

To read the full article please follow this link. Daily Telegraph and to find out more go to Quantum Imaging.