What do you see as the most challenging issue facing the world today from this list…… Flight, Food; Dementia, Paralysis, Water or Antibiotics? Nesta, the UK’s Innovation foundation,  with the Technology Strategy Board as a launch funding partner have highlighted these six major challenges facing the world today and created an opportunity to vote to decide which challenge should win the £10million prize fund. A new prize for a new century, with a £10 million fund to help solve the problem.

 The competition has been named the Longitude Prize 2014,  after the challenge set in 1714 of how to pinpoint a ships location at sea by knowing its longitude.  Two hundred years later, the British public can vote for one of the six issues that were agreed by a Committee who started work in 2013 with over 40 of the country’s leading scientists, engineers and politicians.

To vote and find out more please visit http://www.longitudeprize.org