ZedScan medical diagnostic system designed by Triteq.

Product Design Consultants love hearing that they have been shortlisted for an award. Recognition from an external source that we can share with our clients means we are working in the right way and making a significant difference. So we were delighted to hear that the joint entry for Triteq and Zilico Ltd, ZedScan, had been selected as finalists for the Healthcare Technologies category of the IET Innovation Awards 2013. It was extremely competitive, with over 400 entries to the awards from 30 countries, but the judges felt that our innovation was amongst the best....

Our brief was to produce an Assessment of Technology Principle and to develop a  prototype to clinical trial stage, and support these trials through to production.  Our innovative team also designed and produced the packaging shown here. Zilico has worked with Triteq todevelop a next generation cancer diagnostic platform that removes subjectivity and increases accuracy of results, allowing for the improvement and extension of screening programmes.

 The lead product, ZedScan, within cervical cancer can differentiate cervical dysplasia, providing a real-time diagnosis that avoids biopsies and waiting times. ZedScan can differentiate between normal, pre-cancerous and cancerous cells, providing a real-time diagnosis that avoids the need for a biopsy, introducing an objective diagnosis and reducing the waiting time.Cervical cancer affects around 500,000 women worldwide each year and is responsible for 300,000 deaths. Under current screening practices in the UK, a woman will have a screening test every three or five years. If a problem is suspected, the woman then has to wait several more weeks to have a colposcopic examination and biopsies.  ZedScan can help confirm women with a high grade smear abnormality which enables the clinician to treat the patient immediately thus removing the need for an additional appointment, or reduce the need for multiple biopsies per woman and also confirm women who can be returned to routine surveillance. 

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