Twenty one years of product development experience has given us the proven ability to work on behalf of investors to ensure that their potential investment is in a technology that is feasible, unique and innovative with the highest potential for a successful route to market. Our diverse but expert skills enable us to advise on new technological opportunities and assess how they can be developed into new products and services. Adoption of new technologies brings benefits to our economy from the introduction of new medical life changing devices to services and products that enable businesses to be more competitive. Our Regulatory Guidance has proved invaluable to many companies and we provide access to expert advice that stimulates new thinking.

Just a few of the Medical & Business sectors we operate in:

Safety Critical Medical Devices- Healthcare systems are in a state of dramatic change, Triteq have worked on an extensive range of medical devices including Zilico and AP@home. We are accredited to ISO13485 which means we are approved to design and manufacture medical devices. We work with start-ups, spin-outs and investors who seek our advice to validate new ideas for medical devices.

Digital Health -Increasing demands on our healthcare system due to a growing, ageing population and an increasing burden of disease present major challenges. We have developed a range of wireless medical devices and can effectively evaluate the criteria for new product design.

Intelligent Mobility & Transport Systems offer a global market opportunity estimated to be worth £40 billion by 2020. In 2009 The Future of Urban Transport Report was published by the Department for Transport, which included an assessment of the of the impact of transport on our urban economy. "Estimates showed that congestion delays cost the UK economy upto £12billion a year, damage to health caused by poor air quality particulate pollution accounted for up to £10.6 billion".

Sustainable Development- it's not a part of what we do- it is embedded in everything we do. The UK has a target to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) by 80% BY 2050. The most effective way of achieving this is through innovation and creative use of technologies. Although many businesses have made clear commitments to sustainable development keeping sustainability high on the agenda, has proved to be extremely challenging in the last two years. We appreciate this and therefore introduced our complimentary sustainability consultancy for clients. Talk to us about how this works, we always enjoy starting new conversations.