Triteq Manufacturing

Cables and wires are nearly always described as the same thing, but they are actually totally different things. A cable is a group of two or more insulated conductors, whereas a wire is a single conductor.

Cables on the other hand are a lot more varied. There are coaxial cables, multi-conductor cables, twisted pair cables and fibre optics cables. Coaxial cables have an inner conductor, surrounded by an insulating layer, enclosed by a conducting shield which is encapsulated by an outer case. Multi-conductor cables consist of lots of conductors insulated from each other. Twisted pair cables are basically two cables twisted together. Fibre optics cables however are made up of three different types: Plastic, multi-mode and single mode.

Here at Triteq our engineers are able to manufacture from as little as a one off wire to a thousand off; from custom cables to panel wiring. We visually inspect and fully test everything we work on before it leaves our premises.