Conformal Coating acts as an insulator, protecting electronic circuitry against temperature extremes, moisture, dust, fungus and chemicals.

If unprotected, PCB's have a higher chance of being damaged, resulting in the failure of the electronics. Added protection is beneficial when electronic devices have to withstand harsh environments, giving the product a greater chance of prolonged use and product reliability, reducing the cost of early field failures. The particular advantages of conformal coating are that it has insulating properties which can help eliminate the need for complex, sophisticated enclosures by wiping out potential performance breakdown caused by environmental stress. It also provides mechanical protection from vibration and thermal shock.

Conformal coating is defined as a thin, transparent plastic layer which "conforms" to the body of the PCB and components. By being breathable it creates a protective layer that will safeguard against particular environmental conditions, but will also allow any moisture trapped in the circuit board to escape.

Conformal coating is becoming increasingly common in consumer and domestic appliances that can be vulnerable to their environment, including portable devices such as mobile phones, through to washing machines.

Conformal coating that contains a UV tracer (dye) can easily be inspected using an ultraviolet light source. This is a valuable tool for verifying complete coverage and to make sure the coating is free from bubbles, breaks, peeling and any foreign material.

Electronics continue to become ever more sophisticated and vital aspects of both the functionality and dependability of modern equipment.  As these pieces of modern equipment make the progression into different harsh environments, it makes perfect sense to protect and prolong them.

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