According to a recent report by Deutsche Bank, Britain's top growth sectors are R & D, Healthcare and Transport.

Triteq work with many entrepreneurs, spin out and start-ups in the medical sector and have first hand experience of the issue of growth sectors in the UK economy.

In The Sunday Times a recent article described how companies involved in scientific research and development have grown a staggering 17.9% and firms in the healthcare sector have recorded 11% growth. In the report these figures were compared with results for mining which has shrunk by 34.9%.

Tom Stevenson, a director at Fidelity was quoted as saying "The investment case for the technology, research and healthcare sectors in particular is compelling thanks to demographic changes, longer life expectancy and rapid technological progress".

 Joseph O'Connor, Head of Industrial Design at Triteq will be discussing these issues and the outcomes of investment on Wednesday 8th May at our Triteq Innovation event. If you would like to join us please contact Caroline Knowlton by email or call on 01488 684554