This month we began working towards achieving ISO14001. This will involve the entire Triteq team and bring enormous benefits for our customers and ourselves. ISO 14001 is the Environmental Management Standard designed to work for all types of organisations. It helps define your eco footprint and re-evaluate new ways of working to measure consumption and reduce waste.

The decision to work towards this standard came from a shared commitment to align our working methods with our design strategies.

Successful product design comes from a clear understanding of the need for the product, who are the end users, what value will it add and how can we make it a product that delivers exceptional benefits and fulfils all the criteria? This is how we work in design; it is responsible, effective and successful.

We believe that by making our supply chains more environmentally aware and demonstrating our acceptance of our responsibility to reducing our environmental impact, we will strengthen our offering to our clients and help them reduce costs.

The most important route to achieving ISO14001 is getting everyone in the organisation on board, so we will be talking about our progress and achievements and sharing them with customers, suppliers and our team. If you would like to know more about how we plan to do this talk to us today.

Working towards ISO 14001 will be the responsibility of Angela Hobbs, Head of Marketing & Sustainability and Helen Landrey Purchasing/Production Co-Ordinator. Their combined experience will ensure that they represent all key areas of Triteq from pre-design to manufacturing.