Our Triteq CSR strategy is simple. We believe that sustainability is not a department, it is something that runs through our entire business, from design to manufacture and every stage in-between.   Accredited to ISO14001, we work with our clients to advise and support each new product through development process in the most energy efficient and effective commercial route to market. We appreciate that at the beginning of the commercial process, finances can and do have a major impact on many business decisions, but we can also highlight which routes can  produce increased cost savings along the way and reduce the energy impact for your product. 

Fundamental changes have been made to ISO14001,which will come into effect later this year, this will increase the impact of the standard, so that it becomes part of a company’s overall strategy. With an increased  emphasis on senior managers to be involved in the strategic alignment of the management system across the company. 

Triteq work with the Trussell Group. 

These are some of the key benefits of the revised standard 

• Bringing Environmental Management into the heart of our business
• Environmental management will be integrated and aligned with our business strategies which will improve sustainability, save money and preserve the world’s natural resources.
• Improved Lifetime Environmental Performance
• This holistic approach will identify further opportunities for improved environmental performance saving resources and costs
• An Integrated Approach
• It will be easier to implement more than one management system providing a more holistic view leading to cost savings
• Leadership
• Greater involvement by our leadership team will ensure that we’ll all be motivated towards the organizations goals and objectives

Further information is attached for companies looking  to achieve ISO14001. Triteq worked with BSI, who were exceptionally helpful. 

Download the CEO Briefing here.