On Wednesday 8th May Joseph O'Connor, Industrial Design Manager at Triteq will be hosting an interactive event at our Oxford office. He will be looking at UK reports that indicate we are on track to meet the 3% R & D intensity figure agreed within the EU by 2020. During the event Joseph will explore the facts and figures surrounding the UK's R & D funding. Is the 3% GERD measure of intensity the right approach and does intensity necessarily equal profitability?

Where does this funding come from, who does it go to and what comes out of it? How can we refocus on more meaningful and achievable outcomes in our increasingly commercially focused landscape, during the course of the afternoon he will explore three important questions:

  • Is intensity centred innovation a profitable approach?
  • When does R&D spend become an investment?
  • How can innovators better innovate?

Joseph will demonstrate that by looking at design earlier in the development process, companies can capitalise on available funding opportunities and utilise the funding in the most profitable way.

During the afternoon we will be running individual sessions to look at your innovation needs.  If you would like to book a slot with one of our experienced engineers and directors, please email back with a brief description of your design challenge and we will respond in strictest confidence.  Below are some thoughts you may consider.

Early stage technologies require a commercially focused need.  You may have identified a need but do not have a clear solution.  Alternatively, you may have a strong technology but would like to challenge us on the most commercially viable need and your routes to market.

Established companies are facing strong competitive challenges.  Perhaps your products are facing challenges in the form of competing markets, cost, technical performance, design for manufacture or regulatory hurdles.  Alternatively you may be facing a specific design, electronic engineering or software challenge. 

To reserve your place, contact us today.