Industry expert and Triteq Industrial Design Manager, Joseph O'Connor has an in-depth understanding of design within the research process and will be addressing key issues at his forthcoming interactive design event in Oxford on 8th May. Is intensity centred innovation a profitable approach? When does R&D spend more become an investment? How can innovators better innovate?

If you would like an invitation to our event on 8th May, then please contact us today as places are limited. During the afternoon we will be running individual sessions to look at your innovation needs. If you would like to book a slot with one of our experienced engineers, please email with a brief description of your design challenge and we will respond in strictest confidence. 

The UK reports that we are on track to meet the 3% R&D intensity figure agreed within the EU by 2020. During our event we will explore the facts and figures surrounding the UK's Research and Development funding.  Is 3% GERD of intensity the right approach?  Intensity does not equal productivity.  Where does this funding go and what comes out of it? 

Source : UK Gross domestic Expenditure on Research & development , 2011. To download the report in full please follow thislink.