According to the Office for National Statistics in 2011 total business research and development expenditure in the UK in cash terms increased by 8% to £17.4 billion compared to 2010. Triteq excels at working with innovative new technologies and by working closely in partnership with our clients we succeed at generating sustainable commercial value.

The United Kingdom was ranked 7th in terms of research and development spending, with 1.7% of GDP PPP. The United States holds the top ranked position with a 405.3 billion of US$, PPP, representing 2.7% of GDP PPP. 

A report on the Office for National Statistics highlighted that the largest increases in R & D expenditure in cash terms were in computer programming and information service activities, £293 million, a 19% increase.

Triteq will be exploring these figures, the reasons behind them and how they relate to innovation and technology at our event in Oxford on 8th May. Do join us and if you would like to submit a design challenge to us so we can demonstrate how we work and the solutions we produce, contact us today.