Electronic engineering via Triteq’s system design approach

electronic product design & development

Triteq takes a system design approach to electronics engineering and software. To achieve fully optimised product development, engineers understand how electronic components fit into system architecture and they work collaboratively with our software designers to produce integrated systems. Our shared focus is on quality, value and ROI.

Our collective range of skills in electronic engineering, component design, embedded software, apps, PC and server applications, PCBs and whole systems, ensures we are a partner of choice for dynamic start-ups, SMEs and established companies.

investor engagement 

Investors regularly engage with us to assess the potential market value and feasibility of potential new products. The adoption of new technologies into our healthcare system brings major benefits to our economy. The introduction of life changing medical devices, innovative eHealth applications and mHealth monitoring systems all contribute to solving the challenges of an ever increasing population.

Medical approval and regulatory standards are stringent and we have developed a process and system of working to the highest quality standards to ensure maximum value and ROI. We have an enviable track record in safety critical medical device design and development. Our client Zilico is developing a range of products that utilise Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) as a platform technology to provide diagnostics for certain cancers.

developing safety critical medical apps

Triteq is proud to be working with this award-winning organisation. We are driven by the knowledge and understanding that your idea could be tomorrows life changing product. The requirements to produce a safety critical, medical grade App capable of diagnosing illnesses, defining treatment plans, or controlling life critical equipment would appear at first sight to conflict with the development environment required and the hardware platform running the software. This is because there is usually no control by the developer over the physical hardware or the software environment running the code. Read more…

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