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Triteq is an award winning product design consultancy working with many different organisations from start-ups to established companies. We support startups through every stage of the design and development process, working together to help them find their place in the market and making sure that all opportunities are explored for maximum value. 

Branding is vital for business success and getting it right is increasingly challenging in a competitive market place.

How do you find and communicate your uniqueness to your audience, clarify in a few brief words and powerful images what you want to be and how your product will benefit customers? When you develop your brand strategy, it's good to recognise the importance of looking ahead, how relevant will your brand be as you extend your future range of products and services, what key elements will be at the core of your business?

As a product design consultancy we recogbrand identitynise and understand the importance of a distinctive brand, the way in which you present your offerings and business services and align your brand development with your values. As we develop your products and work with innovative new technologies, we are in an ideal position to recognise what makes your product unique.

Our teams of software developers, electronic engineers, designers and production specialists collaborate on each stage of product design.  We work with our clients on the Product Life Cycle and plan each new stage, so supplementary products and services are developed in a cost efficient and effective way.

Brand guidelines are important.

Brand is strongest when it is integrated into everything you do, from establishing the purpose of your business to how you attract and retain the talented people you need to support strong, sustainable growth. When we work with established organisations, we connect with your brand design team or external agency to ensure we work within your brand guidelines. 

During the innovation management process, we will highlight new opportunities to strengthen and support your brand, so it can be built into your brand strategy. What we enjoy doing more than anything else is getting to know the purpose behind the brand, so if you like great coffee and feel like you would enjoy a conversation,  come in and see us.

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