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Consumer Product Design

Realising Maximum Potential 

We work closely with our clients to achieve the maximum potential in every product design. We do this by focusing on the end user value of the product, so our results are cost effective, valuable solutions that users value and appreciate. 

Human Factors 

Identifying the needs of the user, the situations and how to meet those needs is vital. Our resident Industrial Design team provide a comprehensive research and development service for our clients from tracking cultural change to present a better view of our constantly evolving environment and how your product fits within it. 

Understanding Needs 

Our experienced design team will work with you as trusted partners from the early stages of research through sustainability assessments, market mapping and product development. 

Intelligent Design 

We understand that intelligent design and skilful engineering bring practical results to millions of people. So when we listen to your idea and brief we work with you to share your vision and journey to commercialisation. Our connected experiences and understanding of the human factor combine to give us a strong competitive advantage. 

Successful Results

Triteq have recently successfully completed our part of the AP@home project, a Framework 7 European funded initiative that started in 2009 to research the design of an artificial pancreas.

The intention of the project was to move from clinical research into the home environment and to achieve this a portable system was required. It was important that this would achieve approval by the regulatory authorities in different countries for home use and be suitable for use away from direct and continuous supervision.

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