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Product Designers & Technology Consultants

Triteq are product design and development consultants.  Since 1992 our strategy has been to build a team of skilled people with an in-depth knowledge of technology and the ability to achieve innovative solutions to design challenges. From concept to prototype and every stage in-between. Read our latest article on sustainable design .

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Strategic product design

We invest in understanding behavioural change to ensure that your product provides what your target audience needs today and tomorrow.

Software development

A track record of producing winning solutions that deliver commercial success for our clients using our shared expertise, knowledge and processes.

Electronic engineering

Designing electronic hardware and creating solutions from control platforms, electro-mechanical design and telemetry technologies.


Taking medical device development from strategic research through clinical trials and all the way to market.

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Adding value to communications with the ability to measure and monitor results.

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Intrinsically safe product and explosion proof enclosure design with certified approval through key notified bodies.

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 We collaborate with Isis Technology Transfer Managers to share ideas on the feasibility of new projects.We focus on the commercialisation of projects which emerge from IP developed at the University of Oxford.


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